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Pesopie Star Influencer Program

We are here to help the emerging social media influencers to start their own e-commerce business without any investment. Influencers spend hours in ideating content for brands in a way that connects with their consumers. But what you get in return? Pesopie Star helps you to obtain the monetary benefits from your efforts, so you can earn by doing what you like to do — influencing people.

It’s a platform to showcase your dramatic side with entertaining videos and become a fashion icon across social media platforms. You can up your fashion business game by creating your own store on Pesopie Star app and inspire followers to buy Pesopie trendiest range of clothing, accessories and footwear without handling any physical inventory.

Check out the exciting perks!

The whole of social media is under the influence. Brands are lining up to be associated with popular social media personas. Why not make it bigger?
Here’s a chance for you to build your own store, sell your own style and earn colossal. Persopie Star adds up to your happiness with:

  • Stand a chance to become a fashion brand at Pesopie
  • Be your own boss and inspire millions to follow your style
  • Influence and earn steady without worrying of investment
  • Get 25% commission on every sale generated from your Pesopie Star store
  • Starry bonus rewards to influencer of the month, video of the week and other categories
  • Popular videos can win a chance to get paid promotions on top social media platforms

How to be a Pesopie Star?

Think you got style and could be the next big buzz of the fashion world?
Bring on your ace game and be your own brand at Pesopie Star.

Sign Up

Get started hassle free by entering your mobile number & generate OTP

Add Profile

Add your basic info & bank a/c details to get the earnings credited

Create Store

Add your favourite products to your store that reflect your style

Create videos

Create and upload your stunning videos. Be the star you really are

Tag Products

Don’t forget to tag the Pesopie Star products used in the video

Influence to earn

Share your store/video links with your network/family & friends

Don’t forget to check out Pesopie Star eligibility criteria FAQs to learn more.

Amazing Influencers

They are the stars who have taken over Instagram, TikTok with a storm and turned these platforms into a fashion mecca. Brands cannot turn a blind eye with the influence they have on people's mind.



Pesopie Star FAQs

What is Pesopie Star app?

Pesopie Star app is a platform for content creators and influencers to start their own e-commerce business. A clear opportunity to earn money through video content.

How can I become a part of Pesopie Star program?

You can download the Pesopie Star app on your phone and sign up with your mobile number to generate OTP. Provide us the number of existing followers on social media platforms like TikTok, Helo, Likee, etc. and wait till we validate your details to proceed further.

What is the eligibility criteria for sign up?

Below are the registration requirements for any influencer/ content creator.
Instagram- minimum 10,000 followers
TikTok, Likee, Helo- minimum 200,000 followers

How do I create my store on Pesopie Star app?

After signing up, your store will be created automatically. You will be required to name your store and add the products that you want to sell.

How can I add products to my store?

As it is a video based platform, you will only be able to add videos to your store. You can either add the in-app videos or upload new video using the products of Pesopie.

How do I earn money from my store?

For every sale generated from your store, you will be given a fixed commission of 25%.

What is the payment cycle for the income generated from my store?

A collective payment will be released in your bank account twice a month.

What type of content can I upload on the application?

Pesopie believes in unrestricted creativity and hence, there are no strict guidelines. But content/videos falling under following categories are prohibited from the platform:

  • Nudity or sexual content
  • Harmful or dangerous content
  • Hateful content
  • Harassment and cyberbullying
  • Political ideology
What is the minimum number of videos that I have to upload everyday?

There are no such requirements. The more content you will create and share, the more sales you will generate.

What is the maximum duration of video?

Videos of up to 60 seconds can be easily uploaded on the app.